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You can usually see  the tell tale signs of spring  when you see the pink and red eyes breaking ground.  The peonies have survived yet another winter!


Coral Charm buds leafing 2015The peonies are sprouting now and it’s delightful to see stems developing from those pink eyes.   The very early to early varieties have as much as 12 inches of growth. 

Tree Peony buds 2015 It is also delightful to see the plump leaf buds forming on the tree peonies! They’ve weathered the fall conditions and are doing beautifully.

Henry Bockstoce eyesCheck out how plump the developing eye of Henry Bockstoce is, as it breaks ground

 I’ve also added some new varieties this year and will be posting the pictures shortly.

Hope you are having fun discovering the new growths in your gardens!

You can also view the new additions and our 2015 Catalog at:

Thanksgiving at Peony Farm

Thanksgiving.  We have much to give thanks for

Thanksgiving at Peony FarmOur Lord sees fit to bless us with  good health,   ongoing growth of the business, loyal following – both local and all over the USA, repeat customers,  great vendors,  great crop,  improving efficiencies ,  and improved cash flow.

On the health side,  I’ve had a successful skin cancer surgery, cataract surgery and I feel that I am on target in being “diabetes free” by February 2015.

On the relationship side, we are communicating better and that is a big plus!

This year, I found my way back to God and learning much to show my love and appreciation for all that He has provided for me now and in the past.

Thank you dear Lord for all the blessings.






What a hectic 2 months it had been!  Peonies are being readied for Fall Shipments.

We were digging peonies, diving peonies, pulling customer orders, packaging and shipping them to their new owners!!!…and still are!

dug peoniesnewly dug peonies ready for division

tent full of roots2 tents full of divided peony roots


packaging peonies for shipmentcustomer orders pulled, being packaged


peonies ready for shipmentpackages of peonies waiting for the pick-up by the postman

It is wonderful to know that these peonies will be growing soon in gardens all over the USA, giving pleasure to our customers for years to come.

Kansas rowHappy Planting You All!!!

Visiting the farm during Peony blooming season

Viewing bench surrounded by Peonies
Viewing bench surrounded by luscious Peonies

During the months of May and June,  we open the gates so that visitors can come and visit the peonies in bloom.   Visitors from the Sequim Chamber of Commerce, local residents’ visiting family and friends, people visiting the Olympic Peninsula or the Twilight site of Edward and Bella – our customers, their family and visitors delight us with stories about their own peonies.


henry sass duo
Heavenly Peonies at Peony Farm


I’ve always felt that a visit to the Peony Farm is a way to de-stress, because of the comments we receive.  They delight in the peace and beauty surrounding the farm, the fragrance wafting in the air from the peony blossoms and the variety of peonies.  They are amazed to discover that there are some many varieties available.

Picnic at the Farm
Delightful Picnic at Peony Farm

Even non-peony lovers go home with a plant or two to bring back with them memories of their visit.

Garden Club visit
Garden club members visiting the farm
Angels visiting the farm
Angels visiting the farm

And, surprise of surprise, upon visiting the Butchart Garden in Victoria, BC, they discovered that Peony Farm is  only 20  miles from the Port Angeles ferry!  Definitely, Peony Farm is becoming a destination venue for people visiting the Olympic Peninsula along with Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, Hoh Rain Forest – check out venues at Destination at the Olympic Peninsula.

Do plan your visit next year! on our Annual Peonies on Parade.


Pink Peonies, Pretty in Pink

One of my favorite things to do when the peonies are done blooming is to go over the photos I’ve taken during the blooming season.

How pretty the pink peonies are. Field of pink peonies, doubles, semi-doubles, and some singles.

Sarah BernhardtKansas row cropped-beautiful-senorita-shrunk15.jpgPeople have asked me time and again, which is my favorite. And as I start the selection process, i realize what an impossible task that is.

I love peonies and there isn’t a single one in my farm that ranks higher than the other. Used to think it’s  Monsieur Jules Elie, then it’s Princess Margaret, now I’m leaning toward Walter Faxon!

the fawn petal detailSEASHELL 613JUNE ROSE 608lavon sky 1000mons jules rect fotoANGEL CHEEKS HUGE

Whichever one it is, one thing rings true. Peonies are pretty in Pink. Just ask any peony lover.
Find a huge selection of Pink Peonies at Peony Farm


It’s that time of the season – Blooming Peonies, that is!

The peonies season is here and they are blooming. Peony Farm is once again holding its Annual Peonies on Parade 5/15/2014-June 29/2014 showcasing the beautiful, gorgeous and fragrant peonies in bloom!

The very early blooming peonies started, and on its tail – the Tree Peonies.  How exciting to see the buds open. 

The flowers are bigger now that the tree peony is a bit older. 

Here are the peonies currently in bloom:

Anna Marie Tree PeonyAnna Marie Tree Peony at the Peony Farm Gardens

Godaishu Tree Peony
Iphigenia Tree Peony

Kokamon Tree Peony
Kamada Nishik Tree Peony
Snow Lotus Tree Peony
and many more on its way!
The tree peonies in bloom is spectacular if only in the size of its blossoms and vibrancy of the flower colors.

The early blooming peonies are starting to open and that means Coral Charm, Red Charm, Paula Fay, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Salmon Dream, Raspberry Char, Walter Mains, Buckeye Belle (to name a few) are on their way!

Come and Enjoy the beautiful peonies in bloom in a wide variety of colors and form at the Annual Peonies on Parade at Peony Farm.

Peony Festival in Sequim

Every year, China holds a Peony Festival around the middle of April. 

Peony, representing elegance and dignity, enjoys the reputation of
“King of Flower Kingdom” and is considered as China’s national flower.
The Luoyang peony has a history of over 1500 years, and now boasts more
than 1200 kinds. Peony was named the city flower of Luoyang in 1982. And
the Luoyang Peony Festival has been an annual event in every spring
ever since 1983.

Luoyang Peony Festival, Peony Farm Peony Festival

During the festival, Luoyang city is
fully alive and looks like an ocean of peonies, with fantastic colors
ranging from the original red to the supplemented white, yellow, purple
and even the rarest dark. Among all the species, “Yaohuang” and “Weizi”
peonies are the most noble ones and known as the “king” and “queen”.
Apart from the peonies displays, there are a wide range of performances
and activities: the dramatic opening ceremony, the peonies photography
contest, lantern fairs, the exhibitions of calligraphy and others.

This year its going to be held on April from April 16-28.  The trip cost from $3,088.00 per person double occupancy (single supplement $700.00)

China would be a great trip to make. 

Peonies on Parade in Sequim, Wa.

However, if time and money is an issue, how about taking a trip to visit Sequim, Washington where Peony Farm holds its annual peony festival called “Peonies On Parade“.

The Annual Peonies on Parade heralds the blooming of the peonies.  We invite you to Peony Farms  4th Annual Peonies on Parade.

If you are in the area, do come and visit. During this time. the farm is fully alive, and not only with visitors.  Like Luoyang, it looks like an ocean of peonies, with fantastic colors ranging from the original red to the supplemented
white, yellow, coral, purple and pink!

Enjoy the tree peonies with their impressive flowers and the early blooming peonies will impress you with
their color and variety.  With over 250 varieties and 2,000 peonies planted,  you will see various peonies in bloom ffrom May to the end of June.  Stroll the garden,  and enjoy the peonies.   There is no admission fee. 

And, we have quite a display of the much talked about itoh peonies and the amazing tree peonies.

Eliza Lundy Peony, red peonies at Peony Farm, WA

Welcome Garden Clubs

If your garden club wants to come and visit, please make a reservation.
We love meeting with your group when we are closed to the public.
This allows us to give you a special tour and our full attention to the group. 

Peonies on Parade, Peony Farm, WA

Available Selections

The selection is great especially if you are looking to develop a peony garden and a boon to those looking  to add some distinctive ones to their  collection.  We’ve also added a new Tree Peony corner for the Tree Peony Lovers!

Hephestos Tree Peony, Peony Farm, WA


Every year, I am just like other peony lover, passionate about my peonies. When asked which one is my favorite,  my answer would be the one I am holding at the time!  Peony flowers are so stunning, I can’t help it.

Itoh Peonies, Peony Farm, WA

To view available selections, check out:   I Love Peonies website

To purchase peony root divisions, click on  Peony Farm Shopping Cart

Baking & Cooking at the Farm

My other passion in life is Baking.  So, when the peonies are hibernating, I switch gears into baking and cooking.  I take this silent time to experiment with new recipes as well as bake my old favorites.  Of course, we do gain a little weight in the process.

A new lemon recipe that I tried recently is the Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Curd and Mascarpone from Bon Appetit. 
So rich and decadent, especially for a lemon lover like me. 

Then there’s a duck breast recipe that I searched for.  Michael and I tasted it at the Thai Galare in Sequim, Wa.    It’s called Thai Red Duck Curry.  It has pineapple and rambutan and red curry sauce.  The combination of flavors is so great.  What a treat!
Both of these are worthy of serving on special occasions.

And for breakfast,  a couple of old favorites:  Old Fashioned Sourdough Pancakes with blueberries and Blueberry Scones (Cooks Illustrated recipe)

I love baking and cooking.  Being recently introduced to Pinterest. I am discovering recipes that other enthusiast have either tried or are going to try.  It’s like making the search for recipes to try easier.  Days at the Peony Farm during the months of December to March is about cooking.

And the peonies sort of take a backstage.  However, I found the time to setup a Shopping Cart for Peony Farm to feature our peonies for sale, which is also presented in our website:

Come and visit us.  Peony Farm events are posted on our website.  You can also click the picture to go there directly.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can order your bare root peonies now.



Annual Peonies on Parade, Sequim, Wa May 2011

What a year this is turning out to be.  The constant rain since November of last year to today (still ongoing) caused an almost 5 weeks delay in the peonies blooming period.   Peonies on Parade was scheduled to start May 17 but the peonies didn’nt start to open until the1st week of June.

Visitors to the Peony Farm has been very gracious in acknowledging the effect of the rain not only at the farm but in their respective gardens as well.  They didn’t seem to mind the lack of bloomng peonies because the Peony Farm’s Country Garden offered them many different plants to view.  The different garden beds are appointed with lots of the perennials, japanese maples, conifers,  rhodys, hebes,  topiaries,  50 feet tall Blue Atlas Cedar, and a stone bed  blooming bulbs.   The papaver orientale is exceptionally stunning paired off with the allium and japanese iris.

We are extending the Peonies on Parade until July 16 so that visitors can see more blooms. 


All the Tree Peonies are done blooming.  Here’s one of our more popular tree peonies:  Anna Marie.

The Very Early blooming peonies started the start week of June and is now done.  Fernleaf Hybrid on photo.

Early Varieties are hot on its tail.  They are blooming with more bud opening. 
Bartzella Itoh on photo.


I expect in another 10 days we can begin to see the Mid blooming varieties opening (85% of the herbaceous peonies bloom in the Mid category).   And with that estimate, we can probably see the Late and Very Late bloomers from the end of June to mid July.

In the meantime, I am having fun taking pictures of the peonies.  It’s great to work with them, posting on facebook  Peony Farm on Facebook and updating the Peony Farm 2011 section of our website:   Peony Farm in Picture 2011   for those who visit our website.

Visitors to the farm are so great.  The “Ooohs and Aahs” are like music to my ears.  I love that they appreciate the peonies and the farm.  Additional input and questions about plants growing at the farm, encouraged me to bring new plants into the farm’s offerings..  Starting next Spring, I am carrying Japanese Iris, Papaver Orientale and Alliums – plants they see in my twin entrance flower beds.

After the Soroptimist Garden Show

The weekend of 3/19-3/20  is about the Soroptimist Garden Show

We had a booth at the show.    The mad dash of preparing marketing materials, posters and then setting up the booth on Friday night – then the big show on Saturday and Sunday.  The doors opened to quite a line of people wanting to come to the show.  Lots of vendors,  great products available for the home gardener, abundance of plants – the show had quite a bit to offer to those who came to the show.

Our booth had a selection of potted peonies for the peony lovers.  We also had what we call “Peonies Central” where they can ask questions about peonies – how to buy, what’s a good peony root, how to plant, why did their peonies did not bloom,  what’s the black thing on my peonies, what’s the best location for planting peonies, do you have tree peonies, when can we view peonies at your farm, where in Sequim are you located, when is the best time to plant peonies.
Our Peony Lady attracted some attention again (she’s been made over).  Her face was re-painted by my neighbor.  I couldt quite re-create what I did last year and so I went “sos”.

The attendance picked up Sunday afternoon (after Church services) and had lively interactions with people.

All in all a great show!