Peonies for your Home

Peonies as Cut Flowers for your Home

The peony blooming season is over and I found myself going over the pictures I took (I love taking pictures of my peonies in bloom!) and to my delight, discovered that I took several pictures of the few arrangements I made for the Peony Farm.  You see, the season was underway and I was busy with the farm’s visitors that I forgot to make floral arrangements!

Thought I’d post it here to illustrate that the beauty and boldness of the peonies more than made up for a lack of talent on flower arrangements on my part.  The simplest arrangement is made pretty with lots of pizzazz by the flowers themselves.  I used greens growing at the farm for the arrangements.

I was thinking that I see a lot of peony postcards with buckets filled with various colors of peonies.  You and I could do that easily do and it’d definitely make a pretty picture.
Of course you can do better than me! To view peonies used in these arrangements go to: Peonies for your Home and Garden

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Japanese Iris in the Peony Garden

Dreams of Irises Fulfilled

As you enter the Peony Farm,  you will be greeted with two garden beds leading to the rows of planted peonies.

In the Early Spring,  the Oriental Papavers, Alliums and Japanese Irises capture the attention of the visitors to the Peony Farm.  As a matter of fact, they be gushing over these plants before they even turn their attention to what they came to the farm for – the Peonies.

I’ve repeatedly been asked what plants are these, what varieties and do you sell them?
This year, the “light bulb” finally clicked on and I realized that my customers want me to fill a need that they have.

To view these Japanese Irises, go to: Japanese Ensata Iris Collection at Peony Farm

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20 more Peonies are being added to Peony Farm’s collection

New Peony Varieties Coming Soon

Peony Farm, Sequim, WA is expecting delivery of beautiful, new varieties of peonies mid September this year. This addition is in inline with Peony Farm’s goal to make more varieties of peonies available locally. 

Varieties like Amalia Olson, Henry Bockstoce, Lavon and Petticoat Flounce are among the herbaceous peonies; Cora Louise is the newest itoh peony addition;  Ruffled Sunset and Godaishu tops the list among the Tree Peonies.

Petticoat Flounce is creating quite a stir and is much in demand on the Pre-Order.  Bartzella Itoh peony, however, with its lush shrub and big,vibrant yellow flowers captured a lot of people’s attention while Red Charm peony wowed the visitors with its extraordinary luscious red flowers.

Here are some photos.  You can view more of the peonies collection at: Herbaceous Peonies at Peony Farm

Peonies On Parade

On another note, Peony Farm experienced quite a turnout in this years’ Peony on Parade.  The visitors were rewarded with a view of the beautiful, dazzling peonies in bloom. Although the peonies were late in blooming due to the weather,  visitors just came back to visit when the blooms finally arrived.  And they were rewarded to see quite a variety of peonies all in one place.  Peony Farm carries peonies in all flower form – single, japanese, semi-double, double and bomb. And it was rewarding for the visitors to see such a variety locally, all in one place.

To view Peony Farm’s website, go to:Peonies Catalog at