Annual Peonies on Parade, Sequim, Wa May 2011

What a year this is turning out to be.  The constant rain since November of last year to today (still ongoing) caused an almost 5 weeks delay in the peonies blooming period.   Peonies on Parade was scheduled to start May 17 but the peonies didn’nt start to open until the1st week of June.

Visitors to the Peony Farm has been very gracious in acknowledging the effect of the rain not only at the farm but in their respective gardens as well.  They didn’t seem to mind the lack of bloomng peonies because the Peony Farm’s Country Garden offered them many different plants to view.  The different garden beds are appointed with lots of the perennials, japanese maples, conifers,  rhodys, hebes,  topiaries,  50 feet tall Blue Atlas Cedar, and a stone bed  blooming bulbs.   The papaver orientale is exceptionally stunning paired off with the allium and japanese iris.

We are extending the Peonies on Parade until July 16 so that visitors can see more blooms. 


All the Tree Peonies are done blooming.  Here’s one of our more popular tree peonies:  Anna Marie.

The Very Early blooming peonies started the start week of June and is now done.  Fernleaf Hybrid on photo.

Early Varieties are hot on its tail.  They are blooming with more bud opening. 
Bartzella Itoh on photo.


I expect in another 10 days we can begin to see the Mid blooming varieties opening (85% of the herbaceous peonies bloom in the Mid category).   And with that estimate, we can probably see the Late and Very Late bloomers from the end of June to mid July.

In the meantime, I am having fun taking pictures of the peonies.  It’s great to work with them, posting on facebook  Peony Farm on Facebook and updating the Peony Farm 2011 section of our website:   Peony Farm in Picture 2011   for those who visit our website.

Visitors to the farm are so great.  The “Ooohs and Aahs” are like music to my ears.  I love that they appreciate the peonies and the farm.  Additional input and questions about plants growing at the farm, encouraged me to bring new plants into the farm’s offerings..  Starting next Spring, I am carrying Japanese Iris, Papaver Orientale and Alliums – plants they see in my twin entrance flower beds.