Soroptimist garden show and PEONY FARM

This year marks the 4th year of Peony Farm’s participation at the Soroptimist Gala Garden Show.

We look forward to the event with excitement because this event will also be the 1st year that Peony Farm brings bare root peonies at the show to make more peonies available to our visiting friends. 

To name a few, we will bring some ITOHS such as Bartzella, First Arrival, Cora Louise, Garden Treasure, Scarlet Heaven. 


We will also bring herbaceous peonies not available at the local nurseries and box office store such as  Coral Charm, Buckeye Belle, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Do Tell, Doreen, Orchid Anne, Seashell and the beautiful Sarah Bernhardt, to delight your gardening fantasies.

So, come and visit with us and see what we are talking about.
Mark the dates

Soroptimist Gala Garden Show  

Saturday, March 15, 2014/ 9am to 5pm
Sunday, March 16, 2014/ 10am to 4pm
Sequim Boys & Girls Club, 400 W. Fir Street, Sequim, WA