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A great season for Peonies at Peony Farm

What a great season we’ve had at Peony Farm.  In addition to plentiful, beautiful peonies and a sunny weather – we enjoyed seeing our old friends, and got to meet their family members and new friends in the garden.  It’s also a pleasure to meet people taking a short trip to Sequim, or vacationing  in the Olympic Peninsula.

I love sharing ideas with visitors about the peony culture.  I so enjoy the oohs and aahs and exclamations about the wonderful atmosphere the garden offers to one and all alike!

This year, our local newspaper The Peninsula Daily News honored us. They featured an article about Peony Farm,  you can read it here:

As a result of this article,  residents from Sequim, and outlying communities came to visit and congratulated us for being selected by Garden Design Magazine for their Spring 2016 issue.

I, for one, am looking forward to Garden Design Spring 2016 issue!

The peonies are done blooming and until next blooming season, we bid our friends “so long”.

If you’ve missed coming down to visit with us,  you can still view the beautiful peonies in color at Peony Farm 2015 Catalog.    This also affords you the ability to place an order before your selection is all sold out.


Peony Passion high at Peony Farm

Peony Passion was the driving force into the formation of Peony Farm.

Now celebrating our 5th Year,  we are even more so enthusiastic about growing peonies.
PF 5th yr photoOur customers and the response we receive both online and onsite are very rewarding.    Seeing the peonies grow vigorously and visitors and customers alike enjoying the beautiful peonies is very satisfying.

peonies ready for shipmentWe serve customers passionate about peonies, locally and all over the US.

Garden Club visitWe’ve become a destination point in the Pacific Northwest.   Visitors from all over the world, local friends and garden clubs come to see the peonies during our Annual Peonies on Parade event during the months of May and June.

Peony Farms Thank YouThank You for your patronage and support!


What a hectic 2 months it had been!  Peonies are being readied for Fall Shipments.

We were digging peonies, diving peonies, pulling customer orders, packaging and shipping them to their new owners!!!…and still are!

dug peoniesnewly dug peonies ready for division

tent full of roots2 tents full of divided peony roots


packaging peonies for shipmentcustomer orders pulled, being packaged


peonies ready for shipmentpackages of peonies waiting for the pick-up by the postman

It is wonderful to know that these peonies will be growing soon in gardens all over the USA, giving pleasure to our customers for years to come.

Kansas rowHappy Planting You All!!!

Summer time at Peony Gardens

Summer is that time of the year when Peonies continue to grow underground.    Although you don’t need a lot of water, it is essential to water the peonies during these dry, hot months of summer.

Just at the end of the blooming season, Chris, my sister – harvested the rest of the blooming peonies and created some gorgeous arrangements with them.

Chris bucketful of peonies croppedBy the way,  for further information about the care of the peonies – you can go to our website at Peony Farm.

Also,  ordering peonies for delivery this Fall 2014 is still available at: Peony Gardens 24/7 Online Shopping Cart.


Deadheading Peonies and more

What a great peony season we had.  April brought lots of sunshine with it and caused the peonies to really grow and bloom!  The flowers are bigger than they were in the past.  Visitors are awed how beautiful they were.  Rows and rows of beautiful, gleaming, colorful, gorgeous, fragrant peonies.

The 29th of June brings to a close the Annual Peonies on Parade at the Peony Farm.  Visitors who came late are saddened that they were seeing the tail end of the flowers in bloom, but still happy that they saw some still in bloom.  They were amazed at the wide variety of peonies!

Visitors who came toward the end of the season, were lucky to see almost the end of Princess Margaret,  Lavon. Bouquet Perfect,  and Avalanche.

My sister, Chris, and I gathered the last of the peony blossoms, which she arranged into my vases.  It is so great to see peony arrangements all over the house.

peony seed pod
Spent flowers need to be deadheaded so the sun’s energy can be harnessed for developing the roots more before going dormant.  Some people like for the peonies to go to seed.  However, not all peonies have fertile seed.  So, unless you know that the peony produces fertile seeds,  it’s best to cut off the spent flowers to direct the sun’s energy toward growing the root.

Deadheading is easy.  Cut just below the stem immediately below the flower.

DEADHEAD WRONG(Spent flowers cut just below the spent flower)

However,  I prefer cutting the stem in such a way that the shrub looks pretty (hiding where the cut is by cutting the stems longer till the cut is hidden in the bush).  Do this only if you have a big shrub.  Otherwise,  you wont have enough leaves to carry the suns energy to the roots.
DEADHEAD CORRECT(Spent flower cut with some stems so as to hide the cut  in the bush, creating a much better looking shrub)

At this point, you can if you want, sprinkle a little bit of fertilizer.  Avoid the crown when doing this.  Use fertilizer with close to zero nitrogen.

This is the preparatory stage to Fall, when the peonies go dormant, where you will cut the stems to at least an inch from the ground.

Order your bare root peony now for Fall delivery.

It’s that time of the season – Blooming Peonies, that is!

The peonies season is here and they are blooming. Peony Farm is once again holding its Annual Peonies on Parade 5/15/2014-June 29/2014 showcasing the beautiful, gorgeous and fragrant peonies in bloom!

The very early blooming peonies started, and on its tail – the Tree Peonies.  How exciting to see the buds open. 

The flowers are bigger now that the tree peony is a bit older. 

Here are the peonies currently in bloom:

Anna Marie Tree PeonyAnna Marie Tree Peony at the Peony Farm Gardens

Godaishu Tree Peony
Iphigenia Tree Peony

Kokamon Tree Peony
Kamada Nishik Tree Peony
Snow Lotus Tree Peony
and many more on its way!
The tree peonies in bloom is spectacular if only in the size of its blossoms and vibrancy of the flower colors.

The early blooming peonies are starting to open and that means Coral Charm, Red Charm, Paula Fay, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Salmon Dream, Raspberry Char, Walter Mains, Buckeye Belle (to name a few) are on their way!

Come and Enjoy the beautiful peonies in bloom in a wide variety of colors and form at the Annual Peonies on Parade at Peony Farm.

A novice Peony Grower

As a gardener growing peonies for retail sales,  I am a novice.  And, I am so grateful to have someone who has been in the business a long time to extend a kindly hand and educate me in the finer points of the business.

Yes, growing them for fun is a lot easier.  As a peony grower,  there is a lot to learn.  Use of planting space, rotation, planting for the following year’s sale, growing healthy peony roots, making sure that the picture I am posting is the variety that I am describing, and on and on.

Bottom Line:  I don’t know what I don’t know.  And talking with Don,  I get these little nuggets of wisdom.

Don Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Nursery is the kind man I am speaking of.   Not only is he kind, he is also a fountain of peony information.  Thank You Don!

From your friend at Peony Farm . 

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SEO and Keywords “Peonies” and “Peonies WA”

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is such a key factor in getting visitors to visit our website for Peony Farm.  We found out how using our ideal keyword: peonies to get found and be placed on page 1 is a big order.

Reading articles about SEO and how to make the website: have helped.


We’ve tried to follow all the rules of creating a website that search engines would notice and approve of.


In addition, we’ve created a Shopping Cart for the website


We’ve also included on our website the 4 videos that Amy created on peonies on topics such as:

How to Plant Peonies
How to Divide Peonies Part 1 ; How to Divide Peonies Part 2 ; and
How to Divide Peonies Part 3

And the result of all these efforts didn’t get us to the first page of the search word “peonies“.  It got us to page 3.  And on the search word “peonies WA“,  we are all over page 1.

Short of paying per click (CPC-Cost per Click) which can get very expensive, we are for the moment, happy with the result of our efforts and keywords “peonies” and peonies WA“.

Before I forget, let me extend an invitation to you:

 Peony Reservation at Peony Farm

Until next time.

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The value of a USB adapter to a Peony Grower

What does a wifi usa adapter got to do with peonies?

Well, it’s normally at this time of the year that I do bookkeeping, website changes and any other peonies product development.

We are using our sunroom for Peony Farm’s office.  It was built some years back, without insulation probably because the owners we’re only thinking of using it in the summer time.

So, here we are with the high winds, cold temperature, 6-8 inches of snow and multi-layered clothing (including a skull cap). Although this kind of weather is really good for the bare root peonies,  it is way too cold to work.   I decided to move my computer to the dining room to keep warm while working.  

As we’re evolved in our respective lives, especially in business, access to the internet is critical.  Darn, they’re all located in the sunroom!  Searched the internet for a wifi adapter seeing as my computer is not wifi equipped and found a Linksys USB adapter (already have a Linksys Router) for $30.00!  What a deal!.

The result: I have updated the Peony Farm website:  Got all the new peonies added and some informational updates posted.  Created the shopping cart for Peony Farm’s website:  And, what’s even more exciting – I’ve barely got the shopping cart up and I’ve already got 4 paid orders for peonies.

Just shows you how we passionate we are about our peony gardens.  Always looking early for the next addition to the Spring Peony Parade!  What a wonderful gift to receive.  PEONIES: The gift that keeps on growing.

The peonies are starting to poke thru the soil.  My husband and I managed to spread mulch over the tree peonies to protect them from the sunny days, cold days, snow syndrome of winter. 

Weeding time is not far behind!  Happy Gardening to you all.

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2011 UPDATE.

Wow! 2011 came and went like the wind. 1100 peonies were planted; 124 peony varieties. We also planted 15 japanese ensata iris varieties.  And they’re all covered in snow right now.

AND, I finally got a Shopping Cart in place in my website:!  It is clickable inside the website and can also be accessed directly at http://shop,

2011 ended better than we expected, gained more friends at the farm!  We’ve put to use our back lot to get all 1100 plants in; put up a tent (which almost got blown away by a fierce wind) for our farm tools; and we expanded the flower beds at the entrance in order to plant more exhibition peonies. 

We are waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive and witness the peonies in bloom.  1100 plants!  Can you just imagine how many peonies that means?

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