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A great season for Peonies at Peony Farm

What a great season we’ve had at Peony Farm.  In addition to plentiful, beautiful peonies and a sunny weather – we enjoyed seeing our old friends, and got to meet their family members and new friends in the garden.  It’s also a pleasure to meet people taking a short trip to Sequim, or vacationing  in the Olympic Peninsula.

I love sharing ideas with visitors about the peony culture.  I so enjoy the oohs and aahs and exclamations about the wonderful atmosphere the garden offers to one and all alike!

This year, our local newspaper The Peninsula Daily News honored us. They featured an article about Peony Farm,  you can read it here:    http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20150608/NEWS/306089992

As a result of this article,  residents from Sequim, and outlying communities came to visit and congratulated us for being selected by Garden Design Magazine for their Spring 2016 issue.

I, for one, am looking forward to Garden Design Spring 2016 issue!

The peonies are done blooming and until next blooming season, we bid our friends “so long”.

If you’ve missed coming down to visit with us,  you can still view the beautiful peonies in color at Peony Farm 2015 Catalog.    This also affords you the ability to place an order before your selection is all sold out.





You can usually see  the tell tale signs of spring  when you see the pink and red eyes breaking ground.  The peonies have survived yet another winter!


Coral Charm buds leafing 2015The peonies are sprouting now and it’s delightful to see stems developing from those pink eyes.   The very early to early varieties have as much as 12 inches of growth. 

Tree Peony buds 2015 It is also delightful to see the plump leaf buds forming on the tree peonies! They’ve weathered the fall conditions and are doing beautifully.

Henry Bockstoce eyesCheck out how plump the developing eye of Henry Bockstoce is, as it breaks ground

 I’ve also added some new varieties this year and will be posting the pictures shortly.

Hope you are having fun discovering the new growths in your gardens!

You can also view the new additions and our 2015 Catalog at: www.shop.ilovepeonies.com

A novice Peony Grower

As a gardener growing peonies for retail sales,  I am a novice.  And, I am so grateful to have someone who has been in the business a long time to extend a kindly hand and educate me in the finer points of the business.

Yes, growing them for fun is a lot easier.  As a peony grower,  there is a lot to learn.  Use of planting space, rotation, planting for the following year’s sale, growing healthy peony roots, making sure that the picture I am posting is the variety that I am describing, and on and on.

Bottom Line:  I don’t know what I don’t know.  And talking with Don,  I get these little nuggets of wisdom.

Don Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Nursery is the kind man I am speaking of.   Not only is he kind, he is also a fountain of peony information.  Thank You Don!

From your friend at Peony Farm . 

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