Peonies on Parade

Peonies on Parade – May 15 to May 31st, 2010.   A much awaited event, peonies in bloom, fluttering with the wind, gorgeous scents all over, burst of colors – what a sight it is!  

Peony Farm, the 1st and ONLY peony farm in the Olympic Peninsula is having its Annual Peonies on Parade event.  You are invited to come and have fun with us mingling with the peony flowers.

Wondering what colors they come in?  See first hand how vibrant those colors are, the different shapes of the flowers.  Find out what height works with your garden, which variety  appeals to you best.  What better opportunity is there to see right in your neighborhood these varieties so you can make just the right selection.

Be one of the first to witness this Annual Event, what we hope will be a landmark event in Sequim, Wa.  All over the nation, Peony Festivals are held this time of the year, to celebrate the much awaited blooming of the peonies and to indulge once more in one’s passion for peonies.

The peonies are coming! The peonies are coming!

All the work from November on seems just hard work.  Then,  Spring comes and the peonies start poking out of the ground, and it seems to just keep getting taller,  more stems and even a bud or two coming up! 

The Peony Farm is opening its doors to the public on May 1, 2010.  Are we ready?   Well, we certainly are working hard at it.  We participated in the Soroptimist GardenShow in Sequim, WA.  We were well received.  More than once we got a comment like “It’s about time we have a peony farm in Sequim”.  And we certainly are happy to hear that because not only is that true but we are also the 1st and ONLY peony farm in the Olympic Peninsula.   People can’t help but remember times in their childhood – grandma’s garden, mom’s garden with peonies growing and how beautiful it was.   These are words that warmed my heart.  I tell you!

Recent attendance at the Sequim Chamber of Commerce was well received as well.  We just might get published in the local paper.  The reporter wanted to interview me for the paper.  Seems like it’s a news worthy event having a peony farm in Sequim.

The chamber wanted to do a ribbon cutting ceremony for our opening as well.  I just might break down and bake a couple of my favorite chocolate cakes!  There’s more news to come.  So, keep checking with us on facebook (type “”) for status updates on the peonies.

Here’s how the farm looks now with the weed cloth and mulch in place.

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