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Peony Farm in Review

Peony Farm in Review 2014

We’ve created a short video to share some of  the peonies in the field and  some visitor moments …

We hope you enjoy it.

Peony Farm Video 2014



It’s that time of the season – Blooming Peonies, that is!

The peonies season is here and they are blooming. Peony Farm is once again holding its Annual Peonies on Parade 5/15/2014-June 29/2014 showcasing the beautiful, gorgeous and fragrant peonies in bloom!

The very early blooming peonies started, and on its tail – the Tree Peonies.  How exciting to see the buds open. 

The flowers are bigger now that the tree peony is a bit older. 

Here are the peonies currently in bloom:

Anna Marie Tree PeonyAnna Marie Tree Peony at the Peony Farm Gardens

Godaishu Tree Peony
Iphigenia Tree Peony

Kokamon Tree Peony
Kamada Nishik Tree Peony
Snow Lotus Tree Peony
and many more on its way!
The tree peonies in bloom is spectacular if only in the size of its blossoms and vibrancy of the flower colors.

The early blooming peonies are starting to open and that means Coral Charm, Red Charm, Paula Fay, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Salmon Dream, Raspberry Char, Walter Mains, Buckeye Belle (to name a few) are on their way!

Come and Enjoy the beautiful peonies in bloom in a wide variety of colors and form at the Annual Peonies on Parade at Peony Farm.

Plant Sanitation for Healthy Peonies

Plant Sanitation

One of the keys to the successful planting and growing of fine Peonies is Plant Sanitation.

The WSU Whatcom County of Master Gardeners issued such an article May 1st.  (

What to Consider in the Care of Peonies

Disease.  To prevent disease make sure your garden is kept clean, that air circulates, and that plants are kept healthy. Messenger™ and Neptune’s Harvest™ are two organic products to keep your plants healthy and disease resistant.

Botrytis – young stalks wilt and die, buds turn black. Onset is in early spring when temperatures remain below 70 degrees. Botrytis will kill tree and herbaceous peonies if not treated. Botrytis thrives in cool humid conditions and can be minimized by planting peonies where they have good air circulation. When noticed, cut off diseased portions of the plant, dipping the pruners in a 10% solution of bleach between each cutting to ensure the disease does not spread. Throw out the diseased portions; do not compost.

A more aggressive option would be to use systemic fungicide labeled for use on peonies.Check with your local cooperative extension.

Leaf blotch develops during warm, moist weather. Glossy, dark purple spots form on the upper surfaces of leaves. Again, removal of infected leaves and good fall cleanup are necessary for control. Avoid overhead irrigation.

Spent Flowers.

Remove flowers as soon as they fade to prevent seed development, which can use up needed food reserves.

The faded flower should be removed just below the flower, leaving as much foliage as possible.

Clip off spent flower stems , cutting on the inside.

To keep the bush looking beautiful, make your cut well inside the plant, so you don’t see the cut-off tips.

Lush foliage is providing ongoing growth to root.

Plant Sanitation procedures that must be observed for Peonies as well:

Removing Completely Dead Plants
Trees, shrubs, and other plants which have died or are about to die should be removed entirely, including the root system. See disposal procedures on the last page. Such plants could have root rot or similar problems caused by disease organisms. If a disease organism is involved, the soil and plant are contaminated with the organism. Precautions in addition to plant removal and disposal should be taken.

Do not move contaminated soil to other areas. Watch for soil clinging to shovels, boots, stakes, etc. 

After plant removal, sterilize tools used to remove and cut up the plant. Clean boots, stakes, etc., which contacted the soil.

Do not plant the same kind of plant or related plants in the contaminated area unless the soil is fumigated first or completely replaced with uncontaminated soil. Even so, it is difficult to completely eliminate disease organisms from the soil.

With potted plants, place the plant and soil in the garbage. Remove soil crumbs clinging to the pot and saucer, and sterilize the pot and saucer if they are to be saved. If not, place them in the garbage. Sterilize pots and saucers by soaking them in a solution of 1 part household bleach to 9 parts water for 30 minutes. Sometimes a solution of equal parts of bleach and water is suggested for 30 minutes. If the higher bleach concentration is used, rinse items in clean water after soaking. Caution: Bleach can discolor metal and clothing. Contaminated tools, stakes, etc., should be sterilized (see below) or placed in the garbage.

Sterilizing Tools If a diseased or dead plant part is cut, the disease organism will probably be on the tool and could be spread to healthy parts when cut. Thus, sterilize tools (shears, knives, saws, chisels, axes, etc. by washing in soap and water and swabbing in rubbing alcohol) before using on healthy plant parts . Allow to dry. If practical, contaminated shovels and other digging tools should be sterilized. If not, wash them. If hands are used to pinch off or handle affected plant parts, wash hands before handling healthy plant parts.

Disposing of Diseased or Dead Plants and Plant Parts Whole plants, branches, twigs, chips, shavings, root pieces, and other plant debris should be placed in the garbage, burned, or taken to the dump. Do not compost them. Diseased fallen leaves and needles should also be destroyed. Annual plants which normally die each autumn need not be destroyed if there is no reason to suspect any problem.

Baking & Cooking at the Farm

My other passion in life is Baking.  So, when the peonies are hibernating, I switch gears into baking and cooking.  I take this silent time to experiment with new recipes as well as bake my old favorites.  Of course, we do gain a little weight in the process.

A new lemon recipe that I tried recently is the Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Curd and Mascarpone from Bon Appetit. 
So rich and decadent, especially for a lemon lover like me. 

Then there’s a duck breast recipe that I searched for.  Michael and I tasted it at the Thai Galare in Sequim, Wa.    It’s called Thai Red Duck Curry.  It has pineapple and rambutan and red curry sauce.  The combination of flavors is so great.  What a treat!
Both of these are worthy of serving on special occasions.

And for breakfast,  a couple of old favorites:  Old Fashioned Sourdough Pancakes with blueberries and Blueberry Scones (Cooks Illustrated recipe)

I love baking and cooking.  Being recently introduced to Pinterest. I am discovering recipes that other enthusiast have either tried or are going to try.  It’s like making the search for recipes to try easier.  Days at the Peony Farm during the months of December to March is about cooking.

And the peonies sort of take a backstage.  However, I found the time to setup a Shopping Cart for Peony Farm to feature our peonies for sale, which is also presented in our website:

Come and visit us.  Peony Farm events are posted on our website.  You can also click the picture to go there directly.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can order your bare root peonies now.


Invitation to the Soroptimist Gala Garden Show

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The Soroptimist Garden Show in Sequim, Wa is scheduled fr March 17 (wear you greens now for St Patty’s day) & 18, 2012 – to be held t the Sequim Boys & Girls club.

And, of course, we shall be there with our peonies, ensata iris,  oriental papaver, and perhaps some fir trees.  By the way, we will be having a raffle at the end of each day for a 5 ga fir tree.  So be sure and stop by. 

Each year is a learning year for us.  Last year we noticed that some vendors are selling peonies with leaves!  Well, we grow our peonies for sale locally.  We won’t cheat.   However,  we did put some of our peonies in our greenhouse to give them a little boost of warmth.   So, we just might have some peonies with their “snouts” showing.  And, of course, the Early Blooming variety will be sporting some stems and leaves by that time.

If you wish to check us ut before hand, just click on this Peony Farm link.

See you there!

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The value of a USB adapter to a Peony Grower

What does a wifi usa adapter got to do with peonies?

Well, it’s normally at this time of the year that I do bookkeeping, website changes and any other peonies product development.

We are using our sunroom for Peony Farm’s office.  It was built some years back, without insulation probably because the owners we’re only thinking of using it in the summer time.

So, here we are with the high winds, cold temperature, 6-8 inches of snow and multi-layered clothing (including a skull cap). Although this kind of weather is really good for the bare root peonies,  it is way too cold to work.   I decided to move my computer to the dining room to keep warm while working.  

As we’re evolved in our respective lives, especially in business, access to the internet is critical.  Darn, they’re all located in the sunroom!  Searched the internet for a wifi adapter seeing as my computer is not wifi equipped and found a Linksys USB adapter (already have a Linksys Router) for $30.00!  What a deal!.

The result: I have updated the Peony Farm website:  Got all the new peonies added and some informational updates posted.  Created the shopping cart for Peony Farm’s website:  And, what’s even more exciting – I’ve barely got the shopping cart up and I’ve already got 4 paid orders for peonies.

Just shows you how we passionate we are about our peony gardens.  Always looking early for the next addition to the Spring Peony Parade!  What a wonderful gift to receive.  PEONIES: The gift that keeps on growing.

The peonies are starting to poke thru the soil.  My husband and I managed to spread mulch over the tree peonies to protect them from the sunny days, cold days, snow syndrome of winter. 

Weeding time is not far behind!  Happy Gardening to you all.

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Peonies for your Home

Peonies as Cut Flowers for your Home

The peony blooming season is over and I found myself going over the pictures I took (I love taking pictures of my peonies in bloom!) and to my delight, discovered that I took several pictures of the few arrangements I made for the Peony Farm.  You see, the season was underway and I was busy with the farm’s visitors that I forgot to make floral arrangements!

Thought I’d post it here to illustrate that the beauty and boldness of the peonies more than made up for a lack of talent on flower arrangements on my part.  The simplest arrangement is made pretty with lots of pizzazz by the flowers themselves.  I used greens growing at the farm for the arrangements.

I was thinking that I see a lot of peony postcards with buckets filled with various colors of peonies.  You and I could do that easily do and it’d definitely make a pretty picture.
Of course you can do better than me! To view peonies used in these arrangements go to: Peonies for your Home and Garden

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Japanese Iris in the Peony Garden

Dreams of Irises Fulfilled

As you enter the Peony Farm,  you will be greeted with two garden beds leading to the rows of planted peonies.

In the Early Spring,  the Oriental Papavers, Alliums and Japanese Irises capture the attention of the visitors to the Peony Farm.  As a matter of fact, they be gushing over these plants before they even turn their attention to what they came to the farm for – the Peonies.

I’ve repeatedly been asked what plants are these, what varieties and do you sell them?
This year, the “light bulb” finally clicked on and I realized that my customers want me to fill a need that they have.

To view these Japanese Irises, go to: Japanese Ensata Iris Collection at Peony Farm

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20 more Peonies are being added to Peony Farm’s collection

New Peony Varieties Coming Soon

Peony Farm, Sequim, WA is expecting delivery of beautiful, new varieties of peonies mid September this year. This addition is in inline with Peony Farm’s goal to make more varieties of peonies available locally. 

Varieties like Amalia Olson, Henry Bockstoce, Lavon and Petticoat Flounce are among the herbaceous peonies; Cora Louise is the newest itoh peony addition;  Ruffled Sunset and Godaishu tops the list among the Tree Peonies.

Petticoat Flounce is creating quite a stir and is much in demand on the Pre-Order.  Bartzella Itoh peony, however, with its lush shrub and big,vibrant yellow flowers captured a lot of people’s attention while Red Charm peony wowed the visitors with its extraordinary luscious red flowers.

Here are some photos.  You can view more of the peonies collection at: Herbaceous Peonies at Peony Farm

Peonies On Parade

On another note, Peony Farm experienced quite a turnout in this years’ Peony on Parade.  The visitors were rewarded with a view of the beautiful, dazzling peonies in bloom. Although the peonies were late in blooming due to the weather,  visitors just came back to visit when the blooms finally arrived.  And they were rewarded to see quite a variety of peonies all in one place.  Peony Farm carries peonies in all flower form – single, japanese, semi-double, double and bomb. And it was rewarding for the visitors to see such a variety locally, all in one place.

To view Peony Farm’s website, go to:Peonies Catalog at