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A great season for Peonies at Peony Farm

What a great season we’ve had at Peony Farm.  In addition to plentiful, beautiful peonies and a sunny weather – we enjoyed seeing our old friends, and got to meet their family members and new friends in the garden.  It’s also a pleasure to meet people taking a short trip to Sequim, or vacationing  in the Olympic Peninsula.

I love sharing ideas with visitors about the peony culture.  I so enjoy the oohs and aahs and exclamations about the wonderful atmosphere the garden offers to one and all alike!

This year, our local newspaper The Peninsula Daily News honored us. They featured an article about Peony Farm,  you can read it here:

As a result of this article,  residents from Sequim, and outlying communities came to visit and congratulated us for being selected by Garden Design Magazine for their Spring 2016 issue.

I, for one, am looking forward to Garden Design Spring 2016 issue!

The peonies are done blooming and until next blooming season, we bid our friends “so long”.

If you’ve missed coming down to visit with us,  you can still view the beautiful peonies in color at Peony Farm 2015 Catalog.    This also affords you the ability to place an order before your selection is all sold out.


Blooming days for Peonies

Peony lovers all over the USA, including me, count the days every year when the Peonies are blooming.


From May 15 to June 28, Peony Farm is once again opening its farm to the public for the much awaited blooming of the peonies. During this 2 months window, peonies of different blooming periods (there are 7 of them) will be opening 7-10 days apart. This is why some peony lovers choose different varieties in order to enjoy an extended blooming period.

Peony Farm Peonies on Parade
Peonies on Parade – blooming time at Peony Farm , WA


Peony Farm will be posting photos of peonies in bloom at:
Peony Farm facebook

To ensure that your selection is reserved, place your order early as they move pretty fast. Also, check out the new selections coming this fall at the website Peony Farm.

Peony Passion high at Peony Farm

Peony Passion was the driving force into the formation of Peony Farm.

Now celebrating our 5th Year,  we are even more so enthusiastic about growing peonies.
PF 5th yr photoOur customers and the response we receive both online and onsite are very rewarding.    Seeing the peonies grow vigorously and visitors and customers alike enjoying the beautiful peonies is very satisfying.

peonies ready for shipmentWe serve customers passionate about peonies, locally and all over the US.

Garden Club visitWe’ve become a destination point in the Pacific Northwest.   Visitors from all over the world, local friends and garden clubs come to see the peonies during our Annual Peonies on Parade event during the months of May and June.

Peony Farms Thank YouThank You for your patronage and support!

Visiting the farm during Peony blooming season

Viewing bench surrounded by Peonies
Viewing bench surrounded by luscious Peonies

During the months of May and June,  we open the gates so that visitors can come and visit the peonies in bloom.   Visitors from the Sequim Chamber of Commerce, local residents’ visiting family and friends, people visiting the Olympic Peninsula or the Twilight site of Edward and Bella – our customers, their family and visitors delight us with stories about their own peonies.


henry sass duo
Heavenly Peonies at Peony Farm


I’ve always felt that a visit to the Peony Farm is a way to de-stress, because of the comments we receive.  They delight in the peace and beauty surrounding the farm, the fragrance wafting in the air from the peony blossoms and the variety of peonies.  They are amazed to discover that there are some many varieties available.

Picnic at the Farm
Delightful Picnic at Peony Farm

Even non-peony lovers go home with a plant or two to bring back with them memories of their visit.

Garden Club visit
Garden club members visiting the farm
Angels visiting the farm
Angels visiting the farm

And, surprise of surprise, upon visiting the Butchart Garden in Victoria, BC, they discovered that Peony Farm is  only 20  miles from the Port Angeles ferry!  Definitely, Peony Farm is becoming a destination venue for people visiting the Olympic Peninsula along with Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, Hoh Rain Forest – check out venues at Destination at the Olympic Peninsula.

Do plan your visit next year! on our Annual Peonies on Parade.


Pink Peonies, Pretty in Pink

One of my favorite things to do when the peonies are done blooming is to go over the photos I’ve taken during the blooming season.

How pretty the pink peonies are. Field of pink peonies, doubles, semi-doubles, and some singles.

Sarah BernhardtKansas row cropped-beautiful-senorita-shrunk15.jpgPeople have asked me time and again, which is my favorite. And as I start the selection process, i realize what an impossible task that is.

I love peonies and there isn’t a single one in my farm that ranks higher than the other. Used to think it’s  Monsieur Jules Elie, then it’s Princess Margaret, now I’m leaning toward Walter Faxon!

the fawn petal detailSEASHELL 613JUNE ROSE 608lavon sky 1000mons jules rect fotoANGEL CHEEKS HUGE

Whichever one it is, one thing rings true. Peonies are pretty in Pink. Just ask any peony lover.
Find a huge selection of Pink Peonies at Peony Farm


Summer time at Peony Gardens

Summer is that time of the year when Peonies continue to grow underground.    Although you don’t need a lot of water, it is essential to water the peonies during these dry, hot months of summer.

Just at the end of the blooming season, Chris, my sister – harvested the rest of the blooming peonies and created some gorgeous arrangements with them.

Chris bucketful of peonies croppedBy the way,  for further information about the care of the peonies – you can go to our website at Peony Farm.

Also,  ordering peonies for delivery this Fall 2014 is still available at: Peony Gardens 24/7 Online Shopping Cart.


Japanese Iris in the Peony Garden

Dreams of Irises Fulfilled

As you enter the Peony Farm,  you will be greeted with two garden beds leading to the rows of planted peonies.

In the Early Spring,  the Oriental Papavers, Alliums and Japanese Irises capture the attention of the visitors to the Peony Farm.  As a matter of fact, they be gushing over these plants before they even turn their attention to what they came to the farm for – the Peonies.

I’ve repeatedly been asked what plants are these, what varieties and do you sell them?
This year, the “light bulb” finally clicked on and I realized that my customers want me to fill a need that they have.

To view these Japanese Irises, go to: Japanese Ensata Iris Collection at Peony Farm

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A Peony Farm finally opens in Sequim, Washington

Peony Farm at 2204 Happy Valley Road, Sequim, WA

The Peony Farm, located in Sequim, WA, has been open since May 1st and already I am having the satisfaction of meeting people from different parts of the country.    Visitors attending events such as the Irrigation Festival, or visitors visiting family members and of course, those taking a short drive to visit the Olympic Peninsula from other parts of Washington – they stopped by to visit the 1st and ONLY peony farm in the Olympic Peninsula.  Their comments were very gratifying and conversations which were primarily about peonies – varieties, growing conditions, why it fails to bloom, which ones are fragrant, etc.  Looks like I’m going to have friends all over the country.  How great is that?  Visitors who come to the farm are interested in peonies, interested in gardening and we share these passion.   They are lovely to talk with and are full of good wishes for my success.

On May 13, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony officiated by the Sequim Chamber of Commerce.  The event was attended by Vicki Maples, executive director of the chamber and members of the board.  Our local newspapers were duly represented and took pictures of the farm.  What happened next was totally unexpected.  Dianne Urbane dela Paz of the Peninsula Daily News interviewed me before the event.  We had a nice talk about what led me to open a peony farm.  During the ribbon cutting ceremony, she took a lot of pictures and was showing a lot of interest on my farm. 

May 19,  Michael and I went to SARC as usual.  I was greeted with comments like: “Nice job; Congratulations; Wow; Didn’t know the Peony Farm actually got off the ground”.    I was surprised until my husband’s friend and racquetball buddy told me that my farm was featured by the paper, full page on the “Our Peninsula” section.  Later, while I was waiting for Michael to get out of SARC’s (Sequim Athletic Recreation Center)  dressing room, a lady heading toward the Women’s dressing room saw me and exclaimed: “Are you the peony lady? The one in the paper?”.  How fun!  I decided to take on the name for my  blog name  –  “Peony Lady”.

Of course, I immediately bought 10 copies of the Peninsula Daily Newspaper to send to family members!

By the way, here’s a link to the article,Growers Passion for Peonies.   Coincidentally, Sequim Gazette (the other newspaper) published a picture of the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Here’s the link to the  Peony Farm ribbon cutting and article.