After the Soroptimist Garden Show

The weekend of 3/19-3/20  is about the Soroptimist Garden Show

We had a booth at the show.    The mad dash of preparing marketing materials, posters and then setting up the booth on Friday night – then the big show on Saturday and Sunday.  The doors opened to quite a line of people wanting to come to the show.  Lots of vendors,  great products available for the home gardener, abundance of plants – the show had quite a bit to offer to those who came to the show.

Our booth had a selection of potted peonies for the peony lovers.  We also had what we call “Peonies Central” where they can ask questions about peonies – how to buy, what’s a good peony root, how to plant, why did their peonies did not bloom,  what’s the black thing on my peonies, what’s the best location for planting peonies, do you have tree peonies, when can we view peonies at your farm, where in Sequim are you located, when is the best time to plant peonies.
Our Peony Lady attracted some attention again (she’s been made over).  Her face was re-painted by my neighbor.  I couldt quite re-create what I did last year and so I went “sos”.

The attendance picked up Sunday afternoon (after Church services) and had lively interactions with people.

All in all a great show! 

Peony Farm, my facebook page and the quest for more “Likes”

Facebook and the quest for more “Likes” for Peony Farm

I’ve setup a Facebook page for my business, Peony Farm.  Since its creation, I’ve been working on it, spending many late hours surfing on the net — in order to improve Peony Farm’s facebook page.   I’ve also checked out some facebook sites to find out  what the big guys do – all these to generate more “Likes”.

Followed many link on the internet about various things such as fbml, making your profile picture bigger, creating more tags to create a connection between my website and facebook, getting a url for my page, etc.

I found that there’s a lot of how to’s on the net so I won’t even try to tell anybody how to do anything.  Enough to say that some of those blogs are infuriating in that they really aren’t teaching you how to do “it”.

Having said that, I want to thank all of those who posted genuine “how tos” such that I was able to learn and accomplish what I set out to do. 

Here is a sample of my efforts:    the Peony Farm Landing Page

Peonies and Lasting Memories Contest


Even created a contest for two reasons – I love hearing more from peony lovers about how peonies crossed and affected their lives;  and also to generate more “likes”. 


This of course meant more research and learning.  Keeping my fingers crossed on having enough participants to the contest!    By the way, if you are a peony lover, you might want to follow this link: Peonies and Lasting Memories to find out how to enter into the contest. 

Peony Farm Events

The peony season is upon me,  the Soroptimist Gala Garden Show is next weekend – I’d say I am taking time off on anymore “reconstruction of my facebook page” projects.    Who knows, by then there probably would be changes to the changes,  to the changes and I’d only have to pick it up from the latest change!

If you are interested in finding out more about what’s happening at the farm,  or what peonies are currently in bloom go to Events at the Farm.

For now, I am a happy facebook camper!

By the way:  Here’s some links to follow:

Peony Farm’s webpage “”
A great resource for healthy bare root peonies.  We have both insite store and the online store.

Peony Farm’s facebook page
An exchange of ideas with friends.  Do come and “like us”

Soroptimist Gala Garden Show in Sequim, WA

Soroptimist Gala Garden Show in Sequim, WA

It’s just around the corner!  The Soroptimist Gala Garden Show is on March 19 & 20 this year.  Here’s the link:     Peony Farm at the Soroptimist Garden Show

I am getting my Peony Lady ready.  She’s getting a fresh coat of paint.  A makeover, if you must

Last year we participated in the garden show and it was filled with all kinds of activities. From plants, to garden art,  to seminars. We enjoyed visiting with people who stopped by to say Hi, asked a question or two and some even purchased some potted plants.  It was also our “coming out” into the community.  We established Peony Farm on Nov, 2009; at that time, we were virtually non-existent in so far as the community was concerned.
We received a warm welcome and comments such as “It’s about time we had our own peony farm in Sequim.  As a matter of fact, shortly after that, we were featured by Peninsula Daily News  and got a full page writeup.  

Here’s a snippet of the story:

Diane Urbani de la Paz/Peninsula Daily News Amy Hall opened her Peony Farm to the public this month, after years of fantasizing about having a flower farm. The small plantation in Happy Valley is about to hit full bloom and will stay open through mid-July.

For a moment there, I enjoyed my “celebrity” status being the 1st and Only Peony Farm in the Olympic Peninsula.

That’s all for now.  Come by and visit us at the garden show! 

Peony Farm, WA 2011 Season

Peony Farm opens the Peony Farm 2011 Season with a Contest.

To celebrate our second peony season, we thought it’d be fun to hear from you about how peonies affected your lives, your mother, your grandmother, your sibling, your aunt, your father.  It’d be fun if you can find pictures of yourself or them with the peonies in the background. So, we are running a contest called “Lasting Memories and Peonies”

Contest rules are posted on the website:  And, you and your friends will be the judge in this particular contest because you are going to post your entries on our facebook page at: 
What will you get if you win?  As much as $200 worth of peonies from Peony Farm!

The Gardening Bug is Back!

Peony Lovers and Gardeners are poring over their catalogs; checking out the internet for their 2011 planting. It doesn’t seem that long ago when the phones stopped ringing, and here we are getting re-energized by the enthusiasm of peony lovers. They wanted to reserve their coveted peony root early!

Orders are starting to come in,  people calling to see if the farm is open and others calling about the Lasting Memories & Peonies contest (already!).

New Peony Additions for 2011

Our newest arrival of Peonies are slowly getting uploaded to the website  So far, we have 14  new peonies uploaded on the site.  Click  Peony Farm’s 2011 New Peony Additions  to check them out.

Here’s a few of them:
Peony Walter Faxon Peony Farm, WA
Peony Fairview Peony Farm, WA
Peony Old Faithful Peony Farm, WA

Changes in our Website

We’ve also revamped the site.  For those of you who likes to browse by color,  we’ve added the Catalog by Color Peonies listed by Colorl ).  Florists are already commenting on how much better they like this arrangement (get the pun?).

We’ve also made the process of sharing the information with your friends with a facebook icon.   Just click on the facebook “Like” icon.

Peony Farm’s Events

So far this year, we have the Soroptimist Gala Garden Show and the Peonies on Parade scheduled.   Events to be added include Using Peonies for Flower Arrangements,  How to Divide Peonies and a video production somewhere down the line.

This year is a Door of Opportunities for us at Peony Farm.

Our 1st year gave us a glimpse at the opportunities and possibilities of how we can be better. So we have set certrain goals for ourselves. First one is Expediting the Peony Division process.
Second,  Improve our Order Fulfillment procews.
Third, Continue to fulfil our customers’ expectation and level of satisfaction.
Fourth,   Increase our presence in the Peony world.
and I am sure there are many more areas that we will notice as the season gets on full swing.

In the meantime,  I am looking to more photo ops with my peonies!