Amy’s Country Garden at the Peony Farm, Washington

Photo Gallery – Amy’s Country Garden at Peony Farm, Washington

          Throughout the months of May and June, while the Peony Farm was open to the public, we’ve received requests from visitors to walk through Amy’s Country Garden.  So, we thought we’d prepare a slideshow so that our online visitors can also visit the garden.  If it strikes your fancy, go ahead and click on the slideshow.  We hope you enjoy it.

End of the Peony’s Blooming Season

End of the Peony’s blooming season.  The peonies are done blooming and for that brief moment in time, we enjoyed their beauty and fragrance.   The peony lovers, have, for the most part, gone over the catalogs and selected the new additions for their peony gardens. 

We will be closing the gate for this end of season  to prepare the new section of our farm where we will plant over 24 new varieties. I have ordered some exciting new additions and look forward to the next season.

I feel the somewhat slowed down and lethargic, I guess because of the 85 degree weather we’ve been having.  It is bright and sunny outside.  And I don”t know if I am feeling this way because of the high temperature, or because I am going to miss the daily visitors at the farm who bring with them such excitement and wonder about the peonies.  I suspect a little of both.

And so, until the next season,  I thank all of you who visited the farm and made it a fun event for me.
I thank all of you who purchased some peonies and assured my business moving forward to another year and helped me (with your enthusiasm) make the commitment to purchase the 24 new varieties.

There is a slideshow in this blog that might be a nice refresher of what peonies bloomed(those that I remembered to take a picture of, anyway) and how they looked like.  So, stay a little longer, if you wish and view the slideshow.

Peonies in the sunny, warm days at Peony Farm, WA

“Life at the Peony Farm, Sequim, WA” 

Finally, some continuous warm days   The vegetable garden at the farm brings a harvest of red ripe strawberries, lettuce, green onions, kale, spinach, and herbs galore.  Visitors at the Peony Farm ultimately find themselves gravitating to the vegetable garden to admire Michael’s raised bed system.  And with that questions about the design, construction, and what’s being grown in the beds.
We truly enjoy our garden and with having it, it seems like we eat more vegetables and feel healthy doing so.

With the beautiful sunny weather comes the fast blooming of the peonies.  The itoh peony, Bartzella, finally opened it sunny yellow petals and lemony fragrance.  A very nice sunshiny flower among the pinks, whites and red peonies.  This usually happens when we have a long spell of cold weather.  Then, the blast of warm weather.  It seems to jolt the peonies from their hibernation and they all bloom at the same time.  I am just thankful that they made it to my birthday.  Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful flower arrangement.   All I have to do is walk through the garden with my coffee in hand.  I was amazed how pretty the peony called “The Fawn” is with its pink mottling, as if somebody took a paint brush and splattered pink into this flower.  Mons Jules Elie, almost all gone now, still looks lovely and Bouquet Perfect, what a beauty.  

And today, Garden Treasure (itoh peony) just opened.  It definitely is beautifully formed.  Pair this up with Kansas peony (watermelon red),  the balance of Festiva Maxima (white with red streaks at the tip) and you have a magnificent floral arrangement.

Peonies do real well in the Pacific Northwest and I am blessed to have moved to this area for I have been longing for peonies ever since I came to the United States and discovered these beauties.  My floral supplier in San Diego, California reserved for me yearly 2 bundles of these beauties so I can have my “yearly fix of fragrant, beautiful peonies”.   At that time,  I wasn’t aware of the different flower forms of the peonies.  I am presently enjoying the japanese forms.   I will miss my peonies and wait with great anticipation till they come back again next year,  bushier and bigger!  In the meantime, come fall I shall be planting the following peonies:  Seashell, Bowl of Cream, Many Happy Return, Coral Sunset, Pink Jitterbug, Top Brass (fascinating white peony)  and Philippe Rivoire (supposedly very fragrant).