Did I say the “peonies are coming?” 850 plants, 45 new varieties

New Peony Varieties

Since we closed the gates for the end of the season,  we’ve been working on the plant bed for the new peony varieties coming end of September.  Rototiling, adding compost, and on Saturday, liming the soil.  Clay soil, you know.  The rain should do its job of mixing the lime into the soil.  Then, we’ll bring in the top soil and we’ll be ready for the planting. 

I am so excited about these group of peonies.   The way they name the peonies make them enticing anyway.  Then to check them out,  you see those lovely photographs and I am hooked.  Singles, semi-doubles, doubles. Peony Heaven!


Here are the new varieties coming this end of September:

America Hermione Princess Margaret
Angel Cheeks
Hot Chocolate Rachel
Baroness Schroeder
Iphigenia Tree Peony
Raspberry Charm
Black Panther Tree Peony
June Rose Raspberry Sundae
Bowl of Cream
Kansas Seashell
Buckeye Belle
Lafayette Escadrille Itoh Sword Dance
Cheddar Charm
Leda Tree Peony Tom Cat
Coral n Gold
Lorelie Tom Eckhardt
Coral Sunset
Many Happy Returns Top Brass
Do Tell
Monsieur Jules Elie Tourangelle
Doreen Orchid Anne Walter Mains
Evelyn Tibbets
Paul Wilde White Ivory
First Out
Philippe Rivoire Wilford Johnson
Henry Sass Pink Jitterbug Anna Marie Tree Peony
Hephestos Tree Peony Prairie Charm Itoh Hana Kisoi Tree Peony

I am trying to organize my new planting by color.  I thought it’d be fun to see same colors fluttering in the wind.  We’ll see how successful that effort will be.  No telling when another peony or two might catch my attention! 

Peonies on Parade May 2012

May 2012 Peonies on Parade will definitely be quite a show of colors, lots of colors.  It’ll be a peony lover’s show.  Last May and June, our locals at Sequim, WA,  were very supportive of my new endeavor.  They were also excited to see the peonies in bloom.  (Didn”t know we have soooo many peony enthusiasts here in Sequim.  I love it.)

Will they be in for a surprise come May 2012.