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Coral Peonies

Coral Charm at Peony FarmI just posted on my facebook page Coral Charm Peony photo.  It is so gorgeous.  And just in case you don’t do facebook, I had to do a blog to make sure you see this outstanding photo of the coral peony growing at the farm.  Didn’t want you to miss out!

Coral Charm peony, on of the coral peonies blooming at the Peony Farm, is outstanding.  Not only in the gorgeous blossoms, but also in stem strength and the length of time it stays in the field.  This is true of Pink Hawaiian Coral as well.  You can choose either one and they are equally outstanding.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment.
Coral Peonies at Peony Farm

Coral Charl
Coral Charm

Coral Sunset at Peony FarmCoral Sunset

Cut flowers
Cutting  flowers
Pink Hawaiian Coral in the garden
Pink Hawaiian Coral on the walkway
Coral n Gold at Peony Farm
Coral n Gold

Any of these coral peonies will make a great selection for the home garden and flowers for the home.


Deadheading Peonies and more

What a great peony season we had.  April brought lots of sunshine with it and caused the peonies to really grow and bloom!  The flowers are bigger than they were in the past.  Visitors are awed how beautiful they were.  Rows and rows of beautiful, gleaming, colorful, gorgeous, fragrant peonies.

The 29th of June brings to a close the Annual Peonies on Parade at the Peony Farm.  Visitors who came late are saddened that they were seeing the tail end of the flowers in bloom, but still happy that they saw some still in bloom.  They were amazed at the wide variety of peonies!

Visitors who came toward the end of the season, were lucky to see almost the end of Princess Margaret,  Lavon. Bouquet Perfect,  and Avalanche.

My sister, Chris, and I gathered the last of the peony blossoms, which she arranged into my vases.  It is so great to see peony arrangements all over the house.

peony seed pod
Spent flowers need to be deadheaded so the sun’s energy can be harnessed for developing the roots more before going dormant.  Some people like for the peonies to go to seed.  However, not all peonies have fertile seed.  So, unless you know that the peony produces fertile seeds,  it’s best to cut off the spent flowers to direct the sun’s energy toward growing the root.

Deadheading is easy.  Cut just below the stem immediately below the flower.

DEADHEAD WRONG(Spent flowers cut just below the spent flower)

However,  I prefer cutting the stem in such a way that the shrub looks pretty (hiding where the cut is by cutting the stems longer till the cut is hidden in the bush).  Do this only if you have a big shrub.  Otherwise,  you wont have enough leaves to carry the suns energy to the roots.
DEADHEAD CORRECT(Spent flower cut with some stems so as to hide the cut  in the bush, creating a much better looking shrub)

At this point, you can if you want, sprinkle a little bit of fertilizer.  Avoid the crown when doing this.  Use fertilizer with close to zero nitrogen.

This is the preparatory stage to Fall, when the peonies go dormant, where you will cut the stems to at least an inch from the ground.

Order your bare root peony now for Fall delivery.

Awash with Color

The Annual Peonies on Parade hosted by Peony Farm ended June 29, 2014.  However, the colorful memory of the peonies in bloom  is still fresh in our mind.  The remaining peony blossoms we harvested, from which my sister, Christina, wove her magic and created beautiful peony arrangements surrounded us for the week of the 4th of July.

Peony Farm is Awash with Color,  peony flowers, and it is a sight to behold.

Peony Farm, Awash in Color
Awash in Color
Teapot arrangement at Peony Farm
The Peony Teapot
peony arrangements at Peony Farm
3 arrangements
garden treasure at Peony Farm
Garden Treasure Itoh Peonies
peonies in blue at Peony Farm
Peonies in a Blue Vase
3 more peony arrangements
Cant have enough Peonies

Until next year, we have these pictures to remind of 2014, where the peonies were exceptionally beautiful.

Peony Farm Website



Valentine and Peonies

Valentine and Peonies

Valentines Day. It is at this time of the year that I get a lot of calls for cut peony flowers.  How I wish we can make our customers happy with peony flowers.  Unhappily, peonies do not bloom this early in the year.

However, what would be a more fitting Valentine gift than a peony plant that their loved one will remember them with each year when the peonies are in bloom.
Just imagine the pleasure of seeing and smelling these gorgeous flowers, the garden filled with the peony flowers.  Oh, peony heaven.
Peonies really are gifts that keeps on giving.
Happy Valentine!

SEO and Keywords “Peonies” and “Peonies WA”

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is such a key factor in getting visitors to visit our website for Peony Farm.  We found out how using our ideal keyword: peonies to get found and be placed on page 1 is a big order.

Reading articles about SEO and how to make the website: have helped.


We’ve tried to follow all the rules of creating a website that search engines would notice and approve of.


In addition, we’ve created a Shopping Cart for the website


We’ve also included on our website the 4 videos that Amy created on peonies on topics such as:

How to Plant Peonies
How to Divide Peonies Part 1 ; How to Divide Peonies Part 2 ; and
How to Divide Peonies Part 3

And the result of all these efforts didn’t get us to the first page of the search word “peonies“.  It got us to page 3.  And on the search word “peonies WA“,  we are all over page 1.

Short of paying per click (CPC-Cost per Click) which can get very expensive, we are for the moment, happy with the result of our efforts and keywords “peonies” and peonies WA“.

Before I forget, let me extend an invitation to you:

 Peony Reservation at Peony Farm

Until next time.

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Peonies for your Home

Peonies as Cut Flowers for your Home

The peony blooming season is over and I found myself going over the pictures I took (I love taking pictures of my peonies in bloom!) and to my delight, discovered that I took several pictures of the few arrangements I made for the Peony Farm.  You see, the season was underway and I was busy with the farm’s visitors that I forgot to make floral arrangements!

Thought I’d post it here to illustrate that the beauty and boldness of the peonies more than made up for a lack of talent on flower arrangements on my part.  The simplest arrangement is made pretty with lots of pizzazz by the flowers themselves.  I used greens growing at the farm for the arrangements.

I was thinking that I see a lot of peony postcards with buckets filled with various colors of peonies.  You and I could do that easily do and it’d definitely make a pretty picture.
Of course you can do better than me! To view peonies used in these arrangements go to: Peonies for your Home and Garden

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