A novice Peony Grower

As a gardener growing peonies for retail sales,  I am a novice.  And, I am so grateful to have someone who has been in the business a long time to extend a kindly hand and educate me in the finer points of the business.

Yes, growing them for fun is a lot easier.  As a peony grower,  there is a lot to learn.  Use of planting space, rotation, planting for the following year’s sale, growing healthy peony roots, making sure that the picture I am posting is the variety that I am describing, and on and on.

Bottom Line:  I don’t know what I don’t know.  And talking with Don,  I get these little nuggets of wisdom.

Don Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Nursery is the kind man I am speaking of.   Not only is he kind, he is also a fountain of peony information.  Thank You Don!

From your friend at Peony Farm . 

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SEO and Keywords “Peonies” and “Peonies WA”

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is such a key factor in getting visitors to visit our website for Peony Farm.  We found out how using our ideal keyword: peonies to get found and be placed on page 1 is a big order.

Reading articles about SEO and how to make the website:  www.ilovepeonies.com have helped.


We’ve tried to follow all the rules of creating a website that search engines would notice and approve of.


In addition, we’ve created a Shopping Cart for the website


We’ve also included on our website the 4 videos that Amy created on peonies on topics such as:

How to Plant Peonies
How to Divide Peonies Part 1 ; How to Divide Peonies Part 2 ; and
How to Divide Peonies Part 3

And the result of all these efforts didn’t get us to the first page of the search word “peonies“.  It got us to page 3.  And on the search word “peonies WA“,  we are all over page 1.

Short of paying per click (CPC-Cost per Click) which can get very expensive, we are for the moment, happy with the result of our efforts and keywords “peonies” and peonies WA“.

Before I forget, let me extend an invitation to you:

 Peony Reservation at Peony Farm

Until next time.

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The value of a USB adapter to a Peony Grower

What does a wifi usa adapter got to do with peonies?

Well, it’s normally at this time of the year that I do bookkeeping, website changes and any other peonies product development.

We are using our sunroom for Peony Farm’s office.  It was built some years back, without insulation probably because the owners we’re only thinking of using it in the summer time.

So, here we are with the high winds, cold temperature, 6-8 inches of snow and multi-layered clothing (including a skull cap). Although this kind of weather is really good for the bare root peonies,  it is way too cold to work.   I decided to move my computer to the dining room to keep warm while working.  

As we’re evolved in our respective lives, especially in business, access to the internet is critical.  Darn, they’re all located in the sunroom!  Searched the internet for a wifi adapter seeing as my computer is not wifi equipped and found a Linksys USB adapter (already have a Linksys Router) for $30.00!  What a deal!.

The result: I have updated the Peony Farm website: www.ilovepeonies.com.  Got all the new peonies added and some informational updates posted.  Created the shopping cart for Peony Farm’s website:  www.shop.ilovepeonies.com  And, what’s even more exciting – I’ve barely got the shopping cart up and I’ve already got 4 paid orders for peonies.

Just shows you how we passionate we are about our peony gardens.  Always looking early for the next addition to the Spring Peony Parade!  What a wonderful gift to receive.  PEONIES: The gift that keeps on growing.

The peonies are starting to poke thru the soil.  My husband and I managed to spread mulch over the tree peonies to protect them from the sunny days, cold days, snow syndrome of winter. 

Weeding time is not far behind!  Happy Gardening to you all.

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2011 UPDATE.

Wow! 2011 came and went like the wind. 1100 peonies were planted; 124 peony varieties. We also planted 15 japanese ensata iris varieties.  And they’re all covered in snow right now.

AND, I finally got a Shopping Cart in place in my website:  www.ilovepeonies.com!  It is clickable inside the website and can also be accessed directly at http://shop,ilovepeonies.com

2011 ended better than we expected, gained more friends at the farm!  We’ve put to use our back lot to get all 1100 plants in; put up a tent (which almost got blown away by a fierce wind) for our farm tools; and we expanded the flower beds at the entrance in order to plant more exhibition peonies. 

We are waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive and witness the peonies in bloom.  1100 plants!  Can you just imagine how many peonies that means?

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