The Peony Farm in Sequim, Washington

The Peony Farm is quiet right now.

     The peonies are sleeping!  Or should I say they are hibernating just like the bears?  Growing tiny white filament-like roots,  storing energy, and enjoying the cold weather.  The new shipment of peonies were finally put to bed.

     That represents a whole day of rototilling, getting rid of gnarly weed roots that’s been in there for who knows how long,  killing the weeds, levelling the planting ground.  Then addng loam to the natural soil, creating grids to space the plants..

     Then, and only then  –  planting the peony roots in the designated spots. Here’s a picture of the additional lot we created for the additional peonies. 

Peonies on Parade.

     I really liked how other peony growers grouped their peonies by color. So i decided to plant my peonies the same way.  Just imagine a mass of same colors blooming, swaying with the wind.   i am aiming for a a great picture opp.  We’ll see how that works.  I am definitely looking forward to our   Annual Peonies on Parade come May 2011.

     We’ve setup a small area for potted plants so that people who comes to Peony Farm at Spring time will have plants to take home with them.  You know how we are into instant gratification! 

     Now, if only the weeds weren’t growing so fast!  Oh, well, the price of growing flowers.


     In the meantime,  for those of you who don’t know,  THIS IS OUR FIRST YEAR!  ALL IN ALL – A VERY NICE 1ST YEAR.  Something to really be thankful for this year.

By the way,  I thought that by the end summer, the peony season is over.  Totally forgot about those times when I devoured plant catalogs to order my bulbs and tubers during the months of October and November.  Well,  here we are toward the middle of November and we are still getting orders for peonies.  Of course I’m loving it.

Well, you all come and visit us come Spring time.  We just might have some gorgeous peonies waiting to greet you.

Happy Thanksgiving!